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What we are doing to keep you safe



Because of the COVID-19 Virus only 1 cleaning technician will be assigned to your service appointment. 


During the call we will ask you multiple questions to assist you as much as possible.

You are welcome to send us photos or clips of your project.

We are also encouraging the scheduling of service appointments 2-3 weeks ahead. This also guarantees you our availability when we receive clearance to return to regular service.


Before your appointment

For your and our safety we will need to confirm your appointment the night prior to your service,

We will greatly appreciate that you confirm your appointment as we are limiting our own outdoor exposure. It is extremely important that you confirm to your appointment otherwise we will not arrive on the scheduled time and date.

We will also confirm the night before your appointment that the technician is clear of any signs or symptoms.

At the time of your scheduled appointment before entering we will communicate and give confirmation that the assigned technician is clear of any signs or symptoms before entering your home or work area.


In your home 

The cleaning technician will carry and use hand sanitizer, disinfectant, wear double masks (1 for communicating) and a N95 or higher filtration breathing mask, and wear 7 ml disposable gloves and Polyethylene shoe covers to help prevent any cross contamination.

Prior to any work we will be disinfecting all of our tools and equipment needed to complete your service. We will repeat the procedure after each assignment/ service appointment to prevent cross contamination.

We are disinfecting all hard non porous surfaces that we may come in contact while in your home.

We are using 4 stage combination HEPA filtered vacuums and using allergen capturing vacuum bags. We will NOT change our vacuum bags inside your home.



We strongly recommend the use of a credit card for payment. We will still accept cash, and checks for payment using safe steps in handling.

We are only a phone call away!

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